3 Tips For Clients To Getting Great Results At Mediation

3 Tips For Clients To Getting Great Results At Mediation

Great results at mediation do not occur by accident. To help increase the chances that you the client gets the best out of a mediation.

    • Know what you really want.
    • The impartial mediator will assist you to get that.
    • Know when to walk away.
Know what your client really wants

If you are representing a client in a money claim you may assume they want as much money as possible. That may well be the case, but have you asked them? One of my first questions to any party in a mediation is œwhat do you want?. It may reveal something more than just a money settlement. One of the advantages the mediator has over a judge is that the mediator can help parties find solutions which involve far more than just the payment of money.

The mediator is here to help you

Negotiations often stall because the parties are failing to communicate their positions effectively. Splitting up can be an incredibly emotional time. This can be confusing and the future may seem uncertain as assets are divided and children have to share two households. It is important to use the mediator™s experience for assistance with these problems. The mediator will not direct in terms of decisions, but will make sure you have considered all the options and their pros and cons “ the decision of course is always yours.

Know when to walk away

A mediation isn™t necessarily a œfailure if no settlement is reached. The important thing for our mediators is helping the parties communicate their best offer to each other. The fact that they don™t settle means that, having been well advised by competent legal experts, they prefer to ask a judge to resolve the issue for them.