Online Mediation

Our Online Mediation process ensures you get the most from your mediation, when a face-to-face meeting is not convenient.

Online Mediation can be beneficial and we can facilitate remote meetings using the latest technology to ensure you can communicate from a distance.


Key Features of Online Mediation:

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Live
  • Innovative
  • Multi-party
  • Document Sharing
  • Case Management


Online Mediation is possible in a few simple steps


1. Fill out an online mediation application form to apply for our mediation service

You will be asked to provide a brief description of the issues in dispute and the concerns you would like addressed during mediation.

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2. A Mediator will contact you within 48 hours

A mediator will be in touch with you to discuss your application. You will find out at this stage whether your application is approved and your case is suitable for mediation.


If your application is better suited to other forms of dispute resolution, we will provide a referral.


3. Intake Session

An intake session can be booked with a mediator and will provide an opportunity for us to find out more about your situation and answer any questions you may have, without the other party present.


Your mediator will also prepare you for the joint mediation session between you and the other party.


During the intake session, your mediator assesses whether mediation is the best option for your situation.


The other party will be invited to attend their own private intake session.


4. Schedule Mediation

If mediation is the next step, then a joint session between you and the other party is scheduled.


5. Joint Mediation Session

A joint session will be held via online Skype video conference meeting.


The mediator and both parties will be part of this session.


The process is efficient and last minute appointments are welcome.