Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is primarily concerned with restoring relationships in the workplace, and since the optimum use of human resources is at the heart of business efficiency, it is a productive process to maintain a professional business environment for all employees.


Mediation is a voluntay process and is confidential.


Employment Tribunals

A lot of Employment Tribunal cases could be avoided if both sides would sit down and address the issue instead of simply locking horns so early in the process.


Mediation is beneficial to employers in the early stages of a dispute and reduces the number of cases going to tribunal.


The mediator is independent and impartial in handling the mediation to strike a fair balance between the needs of the business and the employee.


Workplace Mediation

Our mediators deploy alternative dispute resolution techniques to solve workplace problems and seek to avoid the need for formal proceedings which can be extremely time-consuming and costly.


We possess a strong proven track record of preventing and resolving conflict in the workplace and providing amicable solutions that are satisfactory to both parties involved.


If you are seeking a qualified mediator to help to resolve employment disputes, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation and confidential discussion about the case.